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Somewhere between the Galapagos Islands en route to the Marqesas Group in the darkest of nights, at approximately six degrees south of the equator a sailboat is whispering along under full sail. The fresh south east trades are pushing her sleek hull through the coal black water at around eight knots. The man standing at the wheel, wearing ragged shorts only in the warm tropical breeze gently fanning him over the port quarter, helms his craft by starlight alone. All lights have been doused on this moonless night and even the masthead white light has been switched off.

Fixing his eyes on a star group which arcs back and forth over the masthead as it sways to the roll of the ocean, he has been sailing his yacht like this for an hour or more. He could put her onto autohelm, but is so absorbed in his task that he feels he could stand watch all night. Accompanying him is a pod of dolphins gambolling along and playing with this laggardly and sluggish thing sharing their watery world, which adds to the delight of the moment.

Surrounded by a three hundred and sixty degree inverted bowl he is totally confounded by the absolute multitude cornucopia of stars before him in this tiny quadrant of the ocean. How many more must there be that cannot be seen from this position? With no degrading light from any other source, the stars shine brightly and they are countless. Breathtaking in their abundance he comes to the conclusion that life exists elsewhere in the universe, other than just on our planet. Not that this is a new thought to him, but sailing in these conditions rams it home with greater significance and whilst carrying the feeling of being such a tiny little speck in the scope of things, he also feels very strongly to be part of the great flowing river of life. At this moment, absorbing the wonder, he would not want to be anywhere else on the planet.


Sailing Adventures in Paradise


Can you feel the excitement, following months of planning, of finally
setting sail on your first passage?


The exultation of leaving port for the first time on the first leg of your
sailing adventure of a lifetime?


The excitement, the freedom, the sheer joy of sailing and visiting the myriad exotic places along the way. Hawaii, The Caribbean, San Blas Islands, South America, The Galapagos Islands, Tahiti and the South Sea Islands, Marquesas, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, The Solomons, Seychelles, The Maldives, and Australia and New Zealand. These are but a few, and the list is endless and up to you on your sailing vacation.

Believe me, it is a wonderful feeling, to be setting off, knowing that you have months ahead of you, to sail the oceans, with absolutely no restrictions, wherever your fancy takes you. And, as you leave behind you, all those limitations of land living – work, the day to day affairs, traffic congestion, city living, pollution, and more – a weight will lift away from you, and it will be replaced, slowly at first, by a growing and wonderful sense of freedom. As you take the first draught of fresh sea air into your lungs, and fill them to the bottom, you will come to realise there is no substitute in this world for it.

If this is your dream, or if you are already planning your sailing vacation, or already doing it, you will benefit from purchasing my ebook ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ including ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’.

Most of us are on a budget, when planning a sailing vacation, and would like to save where we can. My ebook ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ including ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’ could save you many hundreds, or even thousands of dollars during the duration of your voyage, and, if you knew them in advance you would pay hundreds of dollars for this information.

My ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’ included in the ebook ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ are many things that you would never think about before departing for your sailing vacation. Many of them are only small, and cost very little, but could save you many dollars, hundreds of dollars, or maybe even thousands of dollars during your trip. They are things that if implemented, you will find contribute to making your voyage much easier and a lot more enjoyable. By ordering my ebook ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ including the Free ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’, you can begin including them into your planning.

The ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’ included in ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ have been gleaned from my own experiences over four years of sailing adventures to all of the exotic destinations mentioned above

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Great package, so many useful tips I can implement before setting off. I would recommend these ‘101 Tips’ to any sailor contemplating a lengthy voyage in their yacht.

Patrick Brown, Captain MN
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My reasons, and I have two of them, for this special offer to you, are much more important and personal. Having done the trip myself over four years, and experienced the whole gamut of emotions from the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, the excitement and the exultation, and the pure pleasure and self fulfilment of the achievement, I want to share my knowledge with you, and encourage you to get started sooner rather than later. You know, you could dream about making a trip to Antarctica, or climb Mt. Everest, or even take a trip into space, but we know, that for most of us, this will never happen as it is beyond our budget. But, you can sail around the world on a modest budget, and have the most fantastic experiences that will remain everlasting in your memory. Once you have done it, you will look back and have treasured memories for ever. So, this is one very good reason to begin. My ‘number one’ motto always is ‘You will NEVER regret doing it, but you will ALWAYS regret NOT doing it!

As a USCG Captain, Marine Surveyor and keen sailor myself, I like to keep up with what’s happening in the cruising world. I found the ‘101 Tips’ and other helpful information contained in Sailboat2adventure website most valuable – I rate them. I recommend them to all sailors before setting off on their sailing adventure.

Mark Clarke, Captain, USCG
Florida, USA

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Here is one of the tips from my collection of ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’:

Tip no. 66: Breeze Block’n’tackle – This tip will blow you away for its simplicity. I fashioned a lightweight block and tackle with a hook, that hooked into the forward edge of the front hatch (it had a convenient hole there already in the aluminium frame). The upper end of the tackle cord is whipped onto the inner forestay up as high as you can reach. The operators cord end dangles in the open hatch. With a small cam cleat fitted onto the forward edge of the wooden frame, it is simplicity itself, by pulling the cord to raise or lower the hatch to whatever position you desire, to control the airflow. Ideal at night when at anchor, as it can be adjusted without having to get out of the comfort of your bunk. Luxury! Cost: two small blocks, a small cam cleat, small s/s s shaped hook, and a length of cord – around thirty dollars.

Many sailors, armchair sailors, dreamers, some day sailors, voyage planners, and anyone else thinking about embarking on an adventure such as sailing our oceans, dream about it for years, putting it off until sometime in the future when they think they will be able to afford it, and will have the time. For most of these people, it never happens. They put it off for so long, suddenly, they think it is too late.

Let me tell you, it is never too late! Once the idea is firmly planted in your mind that you are going to do it, nothing will stop you, nothing will get in your way. Do you know why? Because, once you have made the decision, it will become a burning desire, and you will become so passionate, that you will move mountains to achieve it, and the closer you come to your departure date, the more eager you will become to leave.

A good start is to purchase my ebook ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ including ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’, which will give you many good ideas that don’t cost a lot, and also help you to understand that it is much simpler and easier than perhaps you may think. It is the accumulation of knowledge over a period of time that gets you there eventually. To borrow from Nikes’ well known advertising line, ‘Just get out there and do it!

If you are still wavering about purchasing ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ including my ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors’,

Here is Tip no.24: Toughening your inflatable – The corners at the front of your rubber dinghy take a beating over time, and it is a good idea to strengthen them with a few additional patches. This will pay dividends when rubbing up against shell covered pilings, docks etc. Take some large rubber patches, round the corners and glue them over these vulnerable areas. Make sure you do this in your preparation period before leaving port for the first time, as you will probably never get around to it once you have set sail. Another great idea is to paint the name of your boat in large lettering down the length of the sponsons of your dinghy. Get the right manufacturers’ rubber paint, so that it adheres properly to the fabric of your tender. To keep everything looking shipshape and Bristol fashion, paint the lettering in the same font you have on the stern of your yacht – looks professional. Your dinghy will look very smart, and will never get stolen. Also, it will be far easier to spot her, buried in a mess of other boats at a busy tender dock. Cost: a few dollars for the patches, glue etc., and an hour or so of your time.

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My story tells the tale of the voyage, from preparation at Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, in the Caribbean, cruising in the Caribbean, crossing the Caribbean Sea, transiting the Panama Canal, visiting the Galapagos Islands, the Marquesas, the Tuamotus, French Polynesia, Nuie, Tonga, and more. All of our adventures along the way are included, along with detailed descriptions of sailing events encountered, how we overcame adversity, and what we learnt from them. It is full of descriptions and life’s little observations.

As you read my ebook ‘Sailing Adventures in Paradise’ (not available in bookstores), the various ‘101Dollar Saving Tips’ are highlighted in the text body, and you will be able to click on them and go through to the ‘101 Tips’ section to see how they were applied during the voyage, and how they could work for you.



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