Newsletter – July 2007


Cap’n Vinnies crazy offer to you this month only.

Ahoy there Members,

I have been thinking deeply about my website and what I am doing with it. My ultimate goal is to have as many folk as possible motivated and planning their ocean adventure voyage. So this month’s newsletter is largely directed to those Members who have signed up for my Newsletter but have yet to buy my package. For those folks I have revised my website and added an additional Bonus for you. So here goes.

All my people think I am NUTS to make this offer, but I know something they don’t – I have sailed ‘The Adventure’ and know the expectation, the feeling of excitement, the personal growth and the sense of fulfilment that I reaped (and you will too) from doing it. So for me, the greatest number of people I can encourage to put in place their own plans to make ‘The Voyage’, experience the same feelings and gain from them the same way I did, the happier I will be. This is worth much much more than a few dollars and cents.

Imagine after many days of sailing at sea you are about to make landfall at a never before seen tropical island. You have been sailing in the steady breeze of the Trades, holding your course and observing the wonders of all the sea life around you – the Dolphins, flying fish, the occasional whale, the birds, fish and the constantly changing sea and sky. You have been studying the charts and the pilot, so you have some idea of the topography of your destination – but for you it is an
undiscovered island and you have only a sketchy idea of what it will look like in reality. It is nothing like flying in in a jet with someone else at the controls, or driving in on a man made road – this is arriving entirely as a result of your own efforts.

So imagine if you will, when a mountain peak slowly rises out of the ocean ahead of you, or some coconut palms or a range of lush green hills begin climbing up the blue wall, the feeling of elation, anticipation and excitement of a brand new landfall. Top that off with the utmost satisfaction of being exactly where you are supposed to be – priceless! – you just cannot put a value on that. And on an extended voyage such as
you are dreaming of or already planning, imagine how many times you will actually experience this?

Creeping ever closer to your chosen landfall you study the land, then the shoreline and markers until the whole panorama is laid out before you. Finally, you pick out the leading marks, lights and buoys that will lead you safely into port, and gliding into the lagoon, bay or harbour you experience the deliciousness of having achieved something really worthwhile. You drop anchor and then look to the shore, for the first time drinking it all in through hungry eyes, filled with expectation
of what this new adventure will bring.

My insane offer to you to encourage you to get started is on my website There you will find my

– ‘101 Dollar Saving Tips’ for Sailors which could save you many hundreds of dollars and more.

– My 135 page illustrated download ebook ‘Voyage of the Little Ship Tere Moana’ with all ‘Tips’ hyperlinked in the

– A completely FREE six page report from International Marine Surveyor and USCG Captain Mark Clarke ‘Ten Point Plan’ of what to look for when buying your dream vessel.

– Plus you can sign up for my monthly ‘Tips for Sailors’ newsletter and access the archives for all the back issues.

– You can also read other new ezine articles I have published on the internet.

How much would you expect to pay for all this? $199? this is
what it would normally sell for and it is good value at that.
But I am not offering it to you at that price, not even $99,
not even $79, or $49 or $39, but for a short time only, the
crazy low price of $49.95.

But you must hurry to right now as the price of $49.95 including the FREE six page survey report is for the first 150 buyers only – after that the price revert to the normal $49.

So please hurry and visit right now and book your copy – remember after the first 150 Members the price goes back to normal – so don’t delay, get yours now and we can begin your journey together.

Looking forward to seeing you on

Best regards

Cap’n Vinnie

p.s. Those of you who are already on Your journey and would
like to have a copy of Marks ‘Ten Point Plan’ absolutely FREE,
please email me at and you will
receive the download details by return.

Mark Clarke – International Marine Surveyor and USCG Captain

Mark as you now know is the author of the valuable ‘Ten Point Plan’ survey he has written for us. Check him out on his site There you will find out all about
Mark and the work he does for boaties all around the globe.

That’s all for this issue folks – have a great month and I look
forward to meeting you again in our August Newsletter.

Happy sailing

Cap’n Vinnie