Newsletter – September 2006


Welcome to another of our Newsletter ‘Tips of the Month’. This issue we are going to look at a couple of tips on good reading matter, which you can enjoy in the evenings, or before going to bed. If you are anything like me, once in bed, two pages and the book has fallen in my face as I have dropped off to sleep!

World Cruising Routes – Jimmy Cornell

Another essential tome for your planning. This book was originally published many years ago, but in Jimmy’s detailed style, it has been continually updated over the years. It is packed full of information on routes, time of year to sail them, likely weather, ocean currents, wind patterns etc. Jimmy has sailed most of the routes at one time or another, so the knowledge is first hand. He is still out there today doing it. He has his own website these days as well, and you can find him on where he has a wealth of updated information.

Heavy Weather Sailing – Adlard Coles

Once again, this book is generally considered to be the definitive volume on this subject. Well worth reading, and keeping on your onboard bookshelf. Mainly revolving around the Atlantic from his own experiences, it covers all aspects of ‘real’ heavy weather sailing. Some of the illustrations of monster waves are scary, and once your imagination kicks in, you will experience the odd shiver of apprehension. This book is of particular relevance today with ‘climate change’ and the extremes of weather we now experience – which are only going to become more intense.

All these volumes are handsome additions to your onboard reading, and will always impress your onboard visitors!

Well, that’s all for this month – see you again in four weeks time.

Cap’n Vinnie