Newsletter – December 2006


Welcome again to our monthly newsletter. Some more reading for you this time around. Two excellent manuals for the Southern Pacific Ocean that you cannot put to sea without.

Cruising Guide to Tahiti and The Societies

Like ‘Charlies Charts’, this is a very comprehensive cruising guide to French Polynesia, and well worth having. Put together by a couple who spent many months sailing whilst living aboard, it is full of facts, navigational aids and interesting anecdotes on this fabulous area of the Pacific. The sketch charts are very detailed and contain just about all you need to navigate Polynesia – do take the proper hydrographic charts as well. A handsome and useful addition to your ship board bookshelf.

Charlies Charts of Polynesia

When you are planning venturing into the South Pacific, a copy of ‘Charlies Charts’ are a must. He covers east of 165deg. west. This means as far west as Niue, then all the way east to Pitcairn Island, plus the Hawaiian Islands. They are sketch charts and not to be used for navigation, but they are certainly sufficient for picking your way around all of these wonderful islands and archipelagos. Full of interesting detail, his sketches highlight sea and landmarks, lights, hazards, reefs, anchorages and much more. Charlie has passed on now, but his wife Margot still runs the business. You can find her on

These two volumes are spiral bound to lie flat, of a similar size and sit nicely together. Computer graphics are all very well, but you can’t beat all the other personalised information gleaned from years of experience contained in these two manuals.

Next month we will have some more tips for you and I look forward to seeing you again then.

Good planning

Cap’n Vinnie