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Plan your sailing adventure and ensure that your expedition around the world runs smoothly.

Experience the excitement and freedom of embarking on your sailing adventure. Visit a myriad of exotic places - Hawaii, the Caribbean, San Blas Islands, Costa Rica,  Galapagos, the Marquesas, French Polynesia and all those South Seas islands, then on to Tonga, Samoa, Seychelles, Australia and New Zealand. These are but a few and the list is endless. The call is strong, and the desire is there.

Just Imagine if…

You were able to set sail on your adventure of a lifetime.

You were able to visit all of these fabulous places and more.

You had the knowledge and confidence to do it.

Imagine the sense of fulfilment and enjoyment you would get from this journey. Well, I have done it, and I am going to show you how to get started on your own sailing adventure of a lifetime.

My name is Vincent, and by signing up for my monthly ‘Tips for Sailors’ newsletter, you can begin to gather the wealth of information I am going to share with you, and that you need in planning for your adventure. So much of sailing is common sense - just knowing what to do at the right time. It is a combination of basic sailing knowledge and then the building up of experience as you sail to all parts of the globe. No amount of armchair learning will prepare you for the real thing. So, the key is to get that basic knowledge, and then set off, learning much more whilst you are sailing.



Who is it for?

All sailors preparing to set sail
All armchair sailors
All someday sailors
All voyage planners

In fact, anyone who has ever dreamt, thought about, wished or envisioned, sailing the seven seas in their own sailboat (or even on someone else’s boat), will get invaluable information from my newsletter




Why Listen to Me?

The one and only reason to listen to me is that I have already completed my voyage of a lifetime safely, and now wish to share my knowledge with you help you get started with your sailing adventure. I also know that for every one individual that makes this trip, there are ten thousand, thinking about it, or wishing they could and wondering where to begin. Well, this is a great place for you to begin – you can learn from my own experiences, improve your knowledge bank and build your confidence.

Having read this if you can think of a good reason not to sign up for my ‘Tips for Sailors’ newsletter, then that is OK too. Otherwise, please complete the security box below and get ready to receive your first newsletter.                        



Now, for the Real Bonus…

Having signed up for ‘Tips for Sailors’, you can now click on the link below (you can also click on it even if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter – you can always come back and sign up later!) and go through to my next page and find out about my fabulous offer to you… I know you are going to find it fascinating and exciting!

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I am so happy we have met, and I look forward to working with you. See you on the next page…

Cap’n Vinnie


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