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My name is Vincent. Yes, my thirst for a sailing adventure began when I was young. A quick glance around this page will tell you that from an early age growing up in New Zealand, I had a strong affinity with boats. Any four lettered word beginning with b, ending with t, and oa in the middle pulled me with an irresistible attraction that was not to be denied. Hence pictures either in, on or under all kinds of boats. Small sailing dinghies, clinker built dinghies, jet boats, motor launches and in recent years, more serious yachts, it was of no matter, I would be there.

Having lived in the UK for six years and sailing up and down the West Country of England, crossing the Atlantic for the first time as part of the ARC Rally, I decided that when it was time to come home to NZ, I would embark on my sailing adventure. Almost everyone jumps onto a silver jet, crams into a tiny seat for twenty four hours and arrives home totally drained. So, why not buy a decent sized yacht and sail home. This is what I did, and had the most fantastic few years doing it. You cannot imagine the feeling of freedom and power that this decision can bring to you. Likewise, the personal growth you experience is irreplaceable.

It is the knowledge and ‘know how’ gleaned from this powerful experience I bring to share with you in my ‘sailboat2adventure’ website and ‘101Dollar Saving Tech Tips for Sailors’. Along with my narrative ‘Voyage of the Little Ship Tere Moana’, I have put together a package that I know will be of great value to you. If you get as much fun and pleasure from it as I have whilst putting it together and it prompts you to begin planning your sailing adventure of a lifetime, then I will know I have done my job. Enjoy.

I trust that this will be the beginning of a lasting relationship, and you can take the first step by signing up for my ‘Monthly Tips for Sailors’ Newsletter.
Money Back Guarantee

My number one objective in offering you my package is for you to discover the same motivation and undying enthusiasm I did, and to commit yourself to begin planning your adventure of a lifetime. If this happens then my job is done.

I am so confident that you will be completely happy with my package I am going to offer you the following guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not one hundred percent completely satisfied with my offer after purchase, you can return it at any time and receive a full refund. NO TIME LIMIT – that is how confident I am you will like it, but, if for some reason, you don’t, just send it back and your money will be refunded immediately.

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